Astro Cat Vinyl Decal

Check out our new Astro Cat Vinyl Decal! 🌟 Far from your average sticker, this premium white vinyl beauty isn’t just eye-catching; it’s waterproof, scratch-resistant, and sun-proof. Its smart kiss-cut design is edged with a sleek 1/8″ border for that extra sophistication. Plus, it’s repositionable thanks to its removable adhesive – no mess, no fuss! Add a touch of elegance with its satin finish. Made with pride in the USA and a dash of international flair, it’s sure to make your gear the talk of the town! #AstroCatDecal #VinylDecals #ElevateYourGear


Introducing the Astro Cat Vinyl Decal: far beyond your ordinary sticker. This decal, crafted from premium white vinyl, is not merely eye-catchingβ€”it stands invincible against water, scratches, and the unyielding rays of the sun. Its ingenious kiss-cut design is framed by a sleek 1/8″ border, adding the perfect touch of sophistication. The decal also boasts a removable adhesive, allowing you to reposition it effortlessly without leaving behind any residue. With its satin finish that exudes elegance, it’s the ideal choice for elevating your belongings. Proudly assembled in the USA with a touch of international flair, it’s set to make your items the envy of any room.


Specification: Astro Cat Vinyl Decal

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