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TORRAS COOLIFY 2S Neck Air Conditioner


Beat the heat this summer with Torras COOLIFY 2S neck air conditioner! It’s like having your own personal AC that will keep you cool and refreshed no matter how hot it gets. With powerful KU 2.0 Pro chip technology, our instant cooling effect can lower the temperature by 30°F in just one second – that’s right, one second! Plus, our advanced NTC chip ensures a constant cooling sensation even in temperatures up to 90°F. And with HyperVortex technology delivering strong and comfortable air flow from all sides, you’ll feel like you’re standing in an icy winter chill instead of the sweltering summer heat when you have on the COOLIFY 2S. But that’s not all – with its upgraded 5000mAh battery providing 28 hours cooling time in ECO setting and 4 hours in Max, you can stay cool for as long as you want, plus fast charging at 18W allows 80% charge within 1.5hours and a full charge within 2.5 hours! Look no further for your personal air conditioner this summer: Torras’ COOLIFY 2S has got everything you need to beat the heat and look oh so cool while doing it!

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