Bleeding Brain Candle with Skull Candle Holder


Introducing the Bleeding Brain Candle with Skull Candle Holder, a spooky delight that will send shivers down your spine! Crafted with sturdy construction from Earth-friendly polyresin composite, this gothic bedroom decor is the perfect blend of creepy and chic.

Get ready to marvel at the real human skull-like features of these candles! Not only are they visually striking, but they also emit a truly authentic and mysterious atmosphere. These eerie candles make unbeatable gothic decor for your bedroom or make fantastic goth gifts for women who appreciate a little darkness in their lives.

But wait, there’s more! Our goth candles are incredibly versatile, catering to all your creepy gift needs. With its multipurpose design, these candles can transform into a skull cup, skull bowl, or even a skull vase. You can even use it as a skull candy bowl (just remember to keep individually wrapped candies to avoid any unfortunate mix-ups). Plus, it’s the ultimate halloween planter to make your all-year-round Halloween decorations extra spooktacular!

To sweeten the deal, this package includes not one, but two brain candles! These fearsome candle holders include the spooky candles to complete the chilling ambiance. We’re all about surprises, so we’ve thrown in some extra bonus gifts and packed everything in a lovely gothic gift box. It’s a treasure trove for anyone who appreciates the macabre, making it the perfect gift for both skull gifts for women and skull gifts for men!

Are you ready to unleash horror decor everywhere? We understand your undying love for spooky home decor, whimsigoth home decor, and all things weird and wonderful. That’s why our Bleeding Brain Candle with Skull Candle Holder delivers exactly what your dark heart desires. This gothic gem will breathe new life into any space, creating an enchanting and mesmerizing atmosphere.

So why wait? Embrace the darkness and bring this eccentric piece of art into your home. Get your Bleeding Brain Candle with Skull Candle Holder today and discover just how delightfully haunting and hilariously eerie your surroundings can be!

Bleeding Brain Candle with Skull Candle Holder

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